LED Low Bay Canopy Fixtures

LED Low Bay Canopy Fixtures
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Aluminum Fin Heat Sink - IP66 Outdoor LED Gas Station Canopy Low Profile Fixture - Beam Angle  90° and 120° - CRI >80 - 110Lm/W -Meanwell Driver - Replacement metal-halide low bay.

  • Original Bridgelux LEDs which up to 110Lm/W
  • Various with different beam angle 90 ° / 120 °
  • Using aluminum fin heat sink which heat transfer faster than die cast
  • With the most excellent quality meanwell driver
  • Beam angle adjustable for different application
  • IP65 waterproof and dust-proof
  • Tiny package and lighter,lower freight cost,more competitive in the market
  • Avaialble for warehouse lighting,tunnel lighting,advertisement lighting,gas station factory lighting etc
  • 3 years warranty


What LED Low Bay Retrofit Kits are available and what will they replace?

  • 30W 3000 lumens - replaces up to 100W HID Light Fixtures
  • 60W 6000 lumens - replaces up to 150W HID Light Fixtures
  • 90W 9000 lumens - replaces up to 200W HID Light Fixtures
  • 120W 12000 lumens- replaces up to 250W Light  HID Fixtures
  • 150W 15000 lumens - replaces up to 400W Light HID Fixtures
  • 180W 180000 lumens - replaces up to 400W Light HID Fixtures
  • 240W 24000 lumens - replaces up to 600W HID Light Fixtures
  • 300W 30000 lumens - replaces up to 1000W HID Light Fixtures

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